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Infection Prevention Audit

Infection Prevention Audit

Infection Prevention Training

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Providing expert services in infection prevention and control. We strive to work with our clients to deliver the best quality of care to their customers.

Infection prevention and control is now a vital and integral part of all healthcare and healthcare providers have to ensure their compliance to both their patients/customers and regulatory bodies.

AGH Infection Control was set up in 2018 as an independent limited company to provide environmental auditing and training services. We support a variety of healthcare providers including:

AGH Infection Control Dental Services

Dental practices

Infection Control Care Home Services

Care homes

Infection Control Private Medical Services

Independent Hospitals

Essentially anywhere a patient receives their healthcare, AGH Infection Control Services can provide auditing and training in infection prevention and control.

Best Practice
Whether a Health Technical Memorandum (HTM) or research based ‘best practice’ guideline, increasing and maintaining high standards is vital to all healthcare providers.

AGH environmental auditing tools are written based on the relevant guidelines and requirements and are designed to assist any healthcare provider in their ‘quest’ to gain compliance with these standards.

Reducing Risk
A large part of any infection control relates to reduction of risk, whether that is from actual clinical practice, unsuitable environments or cleanliness.

Full auditing and review by AGH Infection Control can potentially significantly reduce any risk posed to patients as a result of anything infection control related.

Regular Updates
Annual update training is required for healthcare provider staff as is regular environmental auditing of clinical areas and buildings.

AGH Infection Control can provide training annually (or more frequently if required) for its customers and also offers either annual, bi-annual, quarterly or monthly environmental auditing to ensure that all practices, healthcare buildings and clinical environments are appropriate and clean.

Infection Prevention and Control

The aims and objections of HTM 01/05 are:

  • Recognition of the difference between cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation.
  • Implementation of Practice procedures and policies.
  • Understanding of maintenance, testing, storage and disposal.
  • Understanding the importance of Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Operating safely and practically within the law and the British Dental Association guidelines.
  • Recognition and minimisation of cross-infection.

Audit Tools

Director, Andrew Garner at AGH Infection Control has written bespoke environmental audit tools for a range of healthcare providers including dental practices, in patient and out patient areas, operating theatres and care homes and all audit tools are evidence based.

Dental Practices
Dental practice environmental audit tools which have been written to aid dental practices with their requirements of the British Dental Association (BDA), the Code of Practice 2015 for the prevention, control of infections and the Health Technical Memorandum (HTM) 01-05 and Decontamination in primary care dental practices (2013).

Care Homes
General environmental audit tools offer care homes the facility to have their audit completed based on the Health and Social Care Act – Code of Conduct for Infection Control (2008).


All completed audits will be written into a report for each healthcare provider or practice. Any issues or concerns with audit results are fed back to each area individually.

Obviously, AGH Infection Control hope all audited areas will be compliant with their required regulation/standards, but should this not be the case, part of the report for that area will include items which need to be looked at or addressed.

Maximise Efficiency
In addition to providing comprehensive reports, as AGH infection control undertake both the auditing and reporting, this allows staff at each practice or home to continue with day to day activities without the need to take time from their busy schedules to complete these audits themselves.

Our experience and services allow busy practices and care homes to continue with their day to day running with minimum disruption whilst AGH Infection Control staff complete these audits.