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Infection Prevention and Control Assurance Frameworks

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AGH Infection Control Services recognises the importance of protecting businesses, staff and visitors from infections and supports the need for effective systematic arrangements for infection prevention and control. We are committed to implementing protection from avoidable risks and reducing the possibility of infection. For many common infections and infectious diseases, early recognition and prompt action can reduce the spread of disease, the severity of the illness and the number of people infected. Workplaces need to implement and adhere to Infection Prevention and Control policies and guidance to ensure a high standard of protection for staff and visitors from unnecessary exposure to infection. We have a range of Infection prevention and control documents available to suit most businesses.

NB. Risk assessments are used to highlight areas which require action. Should the risk assessment and subsequent checklist show improvements which need to be made, then the premises management/owners would be responsible to complete these actions  PRIOR to any certification of COVID-19 safety.

As part of this guidance to make premises COVID secure, the Health and Safety Executive have advised premises to undertake a COVID secure checklist which can be done once all required mitigations are in place.

AGH Infection Control Services Ltd provide bespoke COVID-19 risk assessments for various premises. Risk assessments can be provided in template form to be completed on site, or alternatively conducted by ourselves with a full on site inspection of the premises and discussion with staff/owners to ascertain specific requirements.

Once this process is completed you can display a notice in your workplace to show that you are Covid-19 secure