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Covid 19

How to make your workplace Covid-Secure

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COVID-19 Secure Assurance Framework Digital Download - £55
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Due to the current worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, the UK Government with guidance from Public Health England (PHE) have advised all institutions in which public go to aim to be COVID-19 secure. Each institution, clinic, shop or workshop is required to have a full COVID-19 risk assessment for their premises which outlines all potential problems related to COVID-19 safety for visitors and staff along with potential mitigations which have been made to try and make the premises COVID secure.

NB. Risk assessments are used to highlight areas which require action. Should the risk assessment and subsequent checklist show improvements which need to be made, then the premises management/owners would be responsible to complete these actions  PRIOR to any certification of COVID-19 safety.

As part of this guidance to make premises COVID secure, the Health and Safety Executive have advised premises to undertake a COVID secure checklist which can be done once all required mitigations are in place.

AGH Infection Control Services Ltd provide bespoke COVID-19 risk assessments for various premises. Risk assessments can be provided in template form to be completed on site, or alternatively conducted by ourselves with a full on site inspection of the premises and discussion with staff/owners to ascertain specific requirements.

Once this process is completed you can display a notice in your workplace to show that you are Covid-19 secure