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Dental Practices

Infection Prevention and Control in Dental Practice

We can assist Dental practices to establish a protocol that prevents or limits the spread of infection for their patients, their staff and themselves.

We also ensure Dental Practices keep their knowledge and skills up to date with regard to the diagnosis and management of infectious diseases that may be transmitted in the clinical setting, adhere to necessary precautions and take appropriate measures to protect their patients and themselves against infections.

Infection Prevention Audit

Infection Prevention Training

The modules which will be covered include:

  • What is decontamination?
  • The Decon cycle
  • EQR and Best practice
  • Manual cleaning – testing and validation
  • Ultrasonic cleaning – testing and validation
  • Washer disinfector – testing and validation
  • Explain how to perform different tests
  • Inspection
  • Sterilisation (types of autoclaves) – testing and validation
  • Pouching/ transport
  • Record keeping