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Dental Environment & Decontamination Audit


Comprehensive Environmental and Decontamination Audit

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Combined environmental and decontamination audits.



Dental – AGH Infection Control environmental auditing for dental practices utilises an audit tool specifically written by AGH Infection Control Services for the auditing of dental practices and is based directly on the British Dental Association (BDA) regulations which all dental practices must adhere to. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) healthcare inspectorate inspections are based on these BDA regulations.

In addition to these regulations, each audit tool also incorporates best practice information  and guidance as advised by the Infection Prevention Society (IPS).

Each audit is completed entirely by staff from AGH Infection Control Services and a full site inspection will be completed – this will include all clinical areas. The audit takes the form of multiple questions many of which will be answered via direct observation of the practice. There are also multiple questions which will need to be answered following discussion with both practice clinical and management staff. Dependent on practice size, an audit would usually be expected to take around two hours.

Once undertaken, each completed audit will be written up and a report will be sent to relevant staff at each audited practice.

Care home – similar to the details above, care home auditing is undertaken using a specifically written audit tool for care homes are will assist care home staff to gain compliance to their required regulations and standards.


AGH Infection Control Services have written an audit tool to ensure that decontamination procedures of each dental practice are appropriately undertaken. This bespoke audit tool is based directly on the British Dental Association (BDA) decontamination guidelines and will ensure that each audited practice is compliant with these guidelines.

This audit will be undertaken by staff from AGH Infection Control Services and will involve direct inspection/observation of on site decontamination facilities.

Following the completed decontamination audit  (which should take around an hour), the AGH Infection Control Services auditor will write up the audit and create a report which will be sent to appropriate staff at the practice.